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  • The Golden Buddha

    Goldstone bracelet with 8mm stones & a bronze colored Buddha head spacer bead. Goldstone is the stone of ambition & drive. It helps one attain goals & deflects unwanted energies. Stone for the 2nd Chakra – Sacral. Sensory experience: Taste.

  • Peace and Love

    Green Jasper bracelet with 8mm beads and a gold Buddha head spacer bead. Green Jasper neutralizes negative feelings & aids tolerance for others. It enhances the ability to love without fear. Stone for the 4th chakra – Heart. Sensory experience: Touch

  • Manipura

    Yellow Czech fired crystal bead bracelet with a small gold Om. Stimulate your Maniura, the Solar Plexus chakra with these beautiful stones. Fits 6 ½ to 7” wrist.

  • Good Vibrations

    Blue jasper bracelet made with 8mm beads. It has a Buddha head & blue crystal spacer beads. Blue jasper enhances spirituality & aids in balancing yin/yang (male/female) energies. It can be paired with the Blue Jasper “Tranquility & Success” mala. Stone for the 5th Chakra – Throat. Sense experience: Hearing.

  • Creative Communication

    Blue Sodalite bracelet with 8mm beads and a round charm that says Inspire on one side and Believe on the other. Blue sodalite supports healthy speech, creativity & brings calmness to the mind. Stone for the 5th Chakra – Throat. Sense experience:

  • Buddha Bless You

    Beautiful bracelet with greenish-blue and bronze agate beads and a bronze Buddha head spacer bead. Stimulate your sacral, heart, and throat chakras! Fits 6 ½ to 7” wrist.

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